Gun N’Roses

Gun N’Roses is an American hard rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985. In 1986 when he signed with Geffen Records, singer Axl Rose, Slash main guitar, Izzy Stradlin accompaniment, bass Duff McKagan, playing drums Steven Adler.


For rock fans, Guns’ N Roses is obviously not a strange name. The band has released 6 records. With more than 100 million records sold worldwide, of which 45 million are in the United States, they have become one of the best-selling bands in the world. It can be said that this is one of the most successful and famous rock bands of all time.

 Recently, Guns ‘N Roses once again proved their old ginger stout as they set a new record for the group’s MV Sweet Child O’ Mine. Earlier, Guns’ N Roses also reaped another “terrible” record when the group’s November Rain song released in 1992 reached 1 billion views. Of course, this is also the only MV released in the 90s to reach the record number. In the age of digital music with the birth of a series of young stars, Guns ‘N Roses’ achievement is very respectable.

Today, the group is still referred to as one of the hard rock legends. It may take a long time for the world music scene to appear a second Guns ‘N Roses because the group’s shadow has been imprinted on fans’ hearts.

Gifts For The Guns N’Roses Fan

In the world, Gun N’Roses fans account for a small part, any name of Gun N’Roses is mentioned a lot, even many people who love and support this group also give their children names his children. Everywhere pictures of these boys appear. On television, facebook, social media pages, Sometimes to attend Gun N’Roses events, fans have to queue up for tickets, or come early to wait for the show. Are you a fan crazy?

Gun N’Roses fans now not only pursue love with their idols by meeting them in person, they are also looking to buy items related to these guys,

This is a gift that fans always keep with them, they are funny and lovely, with pictures of the boys of Gun N’Roses. Fans are always looking to buy some small but meaningful gifts to put in the office or bedroom, sometimes they do not use but seeing it they feel very happy.

The cups are designed in black and white tones and the highlight is simply the name of the group, the name of the song or the image of the music group but it is very popular. You can also buy it to make a cup with your lover, to give to your fellow Gun N’Roses fans for birthdays or anniversaries.

Products associated with images with idols are always selling well, not only cups, but also bags, pillows, wallets or clothes.

 Do you have a pullover sweatshirt printed with the image of Gun N’Roses, if not, please give yourself a shirt like that, Gun N’Rose Paradise City Pullover Sweatshirt is such a pullover sweatshirt. , With a youthful personality design combined with a soft fabric to meet the needs of people, ages, We can wear it to hang out, go to fan events, or make group uniforms. It is great if you choose it as a gift for your loved ones on Halloween, Christmas, birthday, or New Year, it will be very meaningful and bring joy to the recipient.

Everyone of us has a love for our idols, they are a great spiritual strength that helps us overcome the seemingly insurmountable shock, the image of their music life also contributes. give red light to our lives.

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