If you love music, you have a very good companion. Charles Darwin once said: “If I have the opportunity to live again, I will make a rule to read poetry and listen to music at least once a week”. Or as Albert Einstein stated: “If I were not a physicist, I would be a musician.” And Jimi Hendrix considers music as his “religion”

I have always been surprised and admired by people who can sing and play guitar. When I was a child, I used to spend hours in the room listening to the music of the singer – the musician I idolized. When I grew up, I always played rock ‘n’ roll every time doing housework and considered it a great thing – now I know why. Among the rock bands, the Grateful deal is my idol band

Grateful Dead Band

 Grateful Dead is an American rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto, California. The band is known for its eclectic style, incorporating elements of rock, folk, country, jazz, bluegrass, blues, gospel and psychedelic rock; to perform live instruments and with a huge fan base, called “Deadheads.” “Their music,” Lenny Kaye wrote, “touches the ground that most other groups don’t even know exists”.

These different influences are distilled into a diverse and illusion whole that makes Grateful Dead the “Godfather of the world of paper jam band”. The band was ranked 57th by Rolling Stone magazine among the Greatest Artists of all time. The band was introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 and a recording of their May 8, 1977 performance at Cornell University’s Barton Hall was added to the National Register of Letters. National Assembly in 2012. The Grateful Dead has sold more than 35 million albums worldwide.

“I think music is also a cure. It is considered an explosion of humanity. It is something that can move us all. There is no cultural barrier.” . ” – Billy Joel, this is my favorite saying, which is why I always admire Grateful Dead.

The Pullover Sweatshirt for Grateful Dead’s Band fan

In our lives, we have seen the image of Grateful Deal appearing on many online newspapers, facebook, zalo, or advertisements. Also we see them on small daily gifts.

Rock Band Logo Grateful Dead Pullover Sweatshirt

It took a long time for me to search for my idol-printing shirts – the Grateful Deal. But now it’s a very simple thing. The pullover sweatshirt  make me feel very lovely and proud, like the idol is always with me.

Rock Band Logo Grateful Dead Pullover Hoodie

We can wear these outings, go to group meetings, It would be great to attend Grateful Dead fan meetings, I will definitely wear these. This is also a meaningful gift for relatives and friends on holidays such as Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or New Year holidays..

Grateful Dead’s Mug

The fashion trend (shoes, sandals, bags) printed with names or songs of Grateful Dea Bank, this is an always new trend, even the smallest items are designed to the taste of fans. I have owned a lot of cups with the name of this famous band. Do you find the cup is quite appealing, GRATEFUL DEAD SUMMER TOUR 1987 MUG is the most perfect cup I have, cup like that I put it in the office and the bedroom, the purpose is decorate and admire them every day.

Grateful Dead Summer Tour 1987 Mug

Plato was right when he said: “Music and the rhythm find the way to the secret place of the soul. No matter whether you are young or old, healthy or sick, happy or sad, music can improve your quality. quality of life in many ways, it reduces stress, anxiety, relieves mood, promotes health, helps you sleep better, reduces your pain and even makes you intelligent. than”

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