I’m also not a believer in rock music, but sometimes when in my soul there are ups and downs of life, I still want to listen to a Rock version to forget the chaos of life. That said, Rock is not just the harsh sounds, crazy and rebellious passion of Rock followers, but it is a music that every time we listen and enjoy it will forget the daily worries, mingle with exciting tunes, and then return to the same everyday reality, because when listening to rock, playing rock, people become more naked, free from the constraints of the commune Assembly, of myself, of life is at a standstill …


 When Rock Club was first established, I often went to see rock practice sessions and activities, so it was hard to fit in the lively atmosphere of drums, guitar and even melodies, its lyrics. Gradually, I got used to it, sometimes I wanted to go to Rock to be immersed with it, although I did not understand it, just used it and wanted to listen whenever I felt frustrated in my thoughts at work. Rock clubs, or rock shows, I often come to see, listen and with young people, mix with rock atmosphere, so I can feel a little more about rock, so that prejudice and a completely new look to Rock music. Rock music, Rock Club will always have its place because of the youthful, dynamic and strange attraction of Rock music.

 Kiss Band

After a long time, I found my music idol, Kiss Band.

Kiss (commonly stylized as KISS) is an American rock band formed in New York City in January 1973 by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Known for its bizarre make-up face and performance costumes, the band became popular in the mid to late 1970.

Kiss – Rock Band

Kiss is also famous for the tricks it uses. when performing on stage like spitting fire, spitting blood, firing rockets. The band has undergone several member changes and so far, only Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are the original 2 members. The original and most popular lineups include Stanley (lead and guitar accompanist), Simmons (vocal and guitar accompaniment), Ace Frelhey (lead and sing guitar) and Peter Criss (drum and sing).

In 1983, Kiss began performing with a face without makeup and no more costumes, thinking that it was time to leave those things behind.

The band achieved some success and their songs were often shown on MTV. Drummer Eric Carr, who replaced Criss in the 80s, died in 1991 of heart cancer and was replaced by Eric Singer.

In response to the nostalgic trend of the Kiss group in the mid-90, the band announced the reorganization of the original lineup in 1996, along with make-up and costumes. The Alive / Worldwide Tour was a great success. After the tour, Criss and Frehley left the group for the second time and were replaced by Singer and Tommy Thayer. Kiss has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, including 25 million albums certified by RIAA. On April 10, 2014, Kiss was honored at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

End Of The Road One Last Kiss Pullover Sweatshirt…….

Geographical and economic conditions cannot allow us to meet idols in person, so how do you stay close to the image of Kiss Band? There is a simpler way that I think we can still experience some of the atmosphere of our favorite band live show by gathering like-minded friends at a place with good sound, lighting, Watch a band live show together and sing along to those songs. That alone will partly relieve your feelings for your favorite idol. In addition to music, songs and singles purchased online, you also own items with the band’s logo such as pullover sweatshirt, hats, shoes, badges, backpacks or even a few tattoos related to the band. .

I have owned a lot of shirts with pictures, names or logos related to Kiss Band, in addition to office clothes, when going out with friends, I often wear these shirts. The dynamic and youthful design combined with the name of the band makes me feel proud of my idols, in life there are many rock lovers, me or you, will find friends with the same language in general, the same tune, This is a very meaningful and interesting gift, during holidays, or anniversaries, please give it to your loved ones (Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year).

 These pullover sweatshirt  have many different images or logos, you can freely choose, especially many colors to suit your personality and preferences. .. End Of The Road One Last Kiss Pullover Sweatshirt is one such shirt.

Kiss Band has always had a place in the hearts of music lovers in general and rock lovers in particular …. Their music is full of joy, optimism, love of life, strength and very modern.

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