Traditional red couplets in Vietnam

Traditional red couplets in Vietnam

Every year on the occasion of Tet to spring, everyone is eager to prepare for Tet, shopping for everything in the hope of welcoming the most complete and most prosperous New Year. Previously, to decorate the houses to celebrate Tet, each family hung a red couplet in the house to mean the meaning of luck, peace and success in the new year. In the traditional culture of the ancient Vietnamese, the tradition of hanging couplets in the spring is also an elegant hobby of displaying the wisdom and puns of couplers. This is considered as the quintessence of the roots, the spiritual food on Tet.

The meaning of red couplets.

Traditional red couplets in Vietnam

 On New Year, Vietnamese people used to have a habit of buying and asking for red couplets to hang in the house, which are verses of opposites and antonyms written on peach or red paper. 

According to the concept of the ancient Vietnamese, red is a brilliant color, symbolizing luck, auspicious, for good things. Each of the words written on paper are the most meaningful wishes and wishes that buyers and couplers desire to achieve.

According to the old traditional customs, the people who gave lowercase letters were the gentlemen and grapes, and the people who asked for letters were those who carried with them their faith, prayed for the good news, the scholars prayed for luck in examinations, Those who hold officials wish the New Year to promote good fortune, there are farmers, workers pray for a peaceful and happy new year. 

At the beginning of the new year, every family hangs a red couplet in the house. Each house hangs a different sentence with a different purpose but all hope the New Year will bring luck, peace and success. 

Red couplets are also a form of expressing the spirit, living conditions of each person and each family. According to the concept of dispelling, hanging a red couplet in the house will bring more fortune back home, everything will have good luck, avoid bad things, bring a sense of relaxation and peace.

Every word on the red paper exudes the beauty of the buyers and the people asking for coupons, ethics and life with specific people, it originates from the reality of the life of the ancient Vietnamese people. Each verse written on has its good meaning, as a reminder to everyone about morality, about lifestyle, about how to be a human, with profound human meaning. 

The red couplets today are maintained by people often going to buy the red couplets of the Confucian houses to hang up. For each of your desires, aspirations and conditions, there are different sentences. There are people who use red couplets to make meaningful gifts like a blessing to each other for a new year filled with luck, success, and auspicious. Coupling is also a bridge connecting the souls of people who love poetry, expressing the feelings of the writer. The opposite is also the wish that the writer wants to give to the person who asks for words, making the spiritual life of people more poetic.

Tradition The Vietnamese people.

Traditional red couplets in Vietnam

Tradition of buying and asking for couplets seems to have become an integral part of the culture. Red couplets is not only a long-standing tradition but also an act of showing the beauty of Vietnamese people. The coupling also represents the image of Vietnamese people, about life, and daily routines because the origin of the couplet is rooted in the realities of Vietnamese life. Every couplet that is asked for or bought contains its meaning in it, forming profound educational lessons that guide people to the beauty of goodness and beauty. 

The custom of asking and buying couplets on Tet holiday seems to have become an indispensable and habit of Vietnamese people in the hope that all the best will come to them and their families. Red couplets in the house are also the wishes and hopes that hanging people want to send, which is also a cultural beauty that needs to be preserved and promoted.

 Red couplets on the New Year often have a good meaning and sometimes remind people of good things, ethics, lifestyle, daily conduct, dreams, year wishes. New fun, happiness, prosperous business, success.

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