Chadwick Boseman’s super outfits in Back Panther.

Chadwick Boseman's super outfits in Back Panther.

The Black Panther movie costing up to $ 200 million in costume cost was just enough for a limited quantity. Because they are very expensive. There are costumes up to 300,000 dollars (6.8 billion). The high cost is due to the exceptional quality of each jewelry material attached to the garment. 

1: Sophisticated armor with “divine”

 shapes Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman once told about his first experience wearing the armor of “black panther”. The suit was tight enough to move, and he even had to remove his mask immediately to breathe. Black Panther’s armor can also automatically create vibranium metal knives. T’Challa can be used in close combat, or launched as darts. A layer of energy surrounds the blade to maximize damage. In addition, they also feature GPS tracking. Black Panther often launches knives at enemy’s moving vehicle to track thanks to location technology.

 If you look on the Black Panther’s armor, you can easily see the reverse triangular patterns. “Those details will come to light,” explained Carter. She calls the triangle “the holy block of the Africans, which makes him (Black Panther) not only a superhero, but also a king, king of Africa”. The tight mask once made Chadwick Boseman unable to breathe

Chadwick Boseman's super outfits in Back Panther.

 2: Black Panther, the pride of Oakland 

Black Panther’s story originates in the land of Oakland, California. Perhaps many viewers will think that Killmonger’s background is a tribute to the home town of Oakland directed by Ryan Coogler. In essence, Oakland was the foundation of the revolutionary African-American organization Black Panther in 1966 (just weeks after Marvel’s Black Panther was printed). This sensitive issue caused Marvel to decide to change the title of the story but then return to the name Black Panther after only a short time. 

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Chadwick Boseman's super outfits in Back Panther.

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