Do you know the five biggest stadiums in America ?

The United States is home to the majority of the largest stadiums in the world, baseball is extremely popular in the country, and therefore the large playing space is one of the reasons for building large stadiums. 

1: Michigan

Do you know the five biggest stadiums in America ?

 Construction of the Michigan Stadium began in 1927 at a cost of $ 950,000, which equates to $ 13.1 million in 2017. Michigan’s initial capacity was 72,000 and was built to increase strength. contain more. Currently, this stadium has a capacity of 109,901. The stadium is owned and operated by the University of Michigan, and it is also home to the school’s major graduation ceremonies. This largest stadium in the United States is mainly used for football. 

2: Ohio Stadium

 Ohio Stadium is the country’s third largest stadium. The stadium’s current tenant is Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio Stadium entered service on 7 October 1922 with a capacity of 66,210. After several expansions in 1948, 1991, 2001 and 2014, the stadium has a current capacity of 104,944. Due to its shape, Ohio is also commonly known as “The Horseshoe” (the horseshoe). In addition to football, the stadium also hosts sports activities, concerts and university spring events. 

3: Kyle Field

 The state of Texas boasts home to the country’s fourth-largest stadium, the Kyle Field Stadium. The stadium is located on the campus of Texas A&M University and has a current capacity of 102,733. Kyle File Stadium is known as the original home of the 12th The Man. 

4: Beaver Stadium

Do you know the five biggest stadiums in America ?

 Beaver Stadium was completed in 1960. Capacity 106,572 makes Beaver the second largest stadium in the United States and fourth largest in the world. The stadium’s capacity has been expanded nine times and renovated five times over the years. Beaver Stadium has a reputation for being one of the toughest locations for teams to compete in college athletics. 

5: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

The football stadium for the University of Florida’s soccer team is located on it Gainesville, the Florida Facility. The stadium was built in 1930 with a capacity of about 22,000 people, and has been expanded, renovated and upgraded several times over the following decades. Most soccer coaches and soccer team’s administrative offices and training facilities have been located in the south and west stands of Florida Field since the 1960s. In 2016, the Olympic Games. University of Florida has announced plans to build an independent football facility worth $ 60 million, scheduled to open in 2021.

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