The meaning of each character’s name in dragon ball.

The meaning of each character's name in dragon ball.

1: You love Dragon Ball, but you already know the meaning of the characters’ names in Dragon Ball yet. 

Saiyan: In Japanese, saiya is an inverse way of yasai meaning “vegetable”, so all purebred Saiyans have a name related to a vegetable. Kakarot: Goku’s conceptual name, derived from the English word carrot (carrot) Vegeta: The first 6 letters of the word vegetable. Tarble: Derived from the -table ending in vegetable word. 

So Vegeta and Tarble’s names that put together a pun on vegetable. Bardock: A pun from burdock, a root root that can be used for food and medicine. 

 Borgos (Japanese name is Toteppo): Play word from potato (potato) Broly: Word play from broccoli (broccoli) Cabba: The word play from cabbage (cabbage) Fasha (Japanese name Seriba): Formed by inverting letters in parsley (parsley) Gine: Anagrams from negi – Japanese means “spring onion” Onio (manga only): Play words from onion (purple onion) Paragus: Derived from the word asparagus (asparagus). Raditz: Derived from the word radish (radish). Shorty (only available in the anime, Japanese name is Brocco): Play words from broccoli (broccoli) Tora (Japanese name is Toma): Play words from tomato. 

Turles (Taresu in Japanese): Anagram from lettuce (lettuce) Each character has names with different meanings. But each Dragon Ball character has different outstanding personalities.

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The meaning of each character's name in dragon ball.

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