The story of Hello kitty

 A little girl lives in a busy family with parents. Her parents went to work, she went to school, rarely met. She wanted to talk but didn’t know who to tell. Nobody has time to sit and listen to her talk. Friends are also enthralled with lessons, some are engrossed in modern video games with realistic three-dimensional virtual images. 

The story of Hello kitty

She felt lonely and crouched in a shell. But she also cannot be quiet, because she is so small and shy, she often gets teased by the upperclassmen, tugged on her bag, pulled her hair, sometimes even beat her One afternoon, when she was dragged by a group of upperclassmen to make a joke, she sadly went to a nearby park, sat on a bench and cried. 

Crying for a moment, she looked up to find an old man sitting beside her. The old man, seeing her look up, asked:

 – Niece, after school, why didn’t you come home and cry? The little girl burst into anger again: 

– I don’t want to go home. It’s very sad at home, no one at all. No one listen to me!

 – Then he will listen to me! And she cried while telling the old man all the resentments and sadness in her heart for so long. The old man kept listening quietly, without a judgment, without a comment. He just listens. Finally, when she finished, he told her not to be sad and go home. From then on, every after school, she went to the park to sit and tell stories to the old man.

 She changed, bravely, cheer up. She feels that there is still much to live in life Until one day, she was beaten by a classmate. Being weak and unable to do anything, she resentfully ran to the park to share with ease her sadness. She was in a hurry, ran through the red light and she was gone forever. 

The day she learned of her death, still in the park, still on the chair she used to sit on, an old man silently burned a paper dummy. It was a present that he wanted to give her the day before, but did not see her coming. The dummy is a very beautiful cat, white, with big ears, gentle round eyes, but no mouth. The old man wanted it to be by her side, always listening to her, never judging Hello Kitty presents. 

Gift for Hello Kitty’s fan

Nowadays, babies really love the image of Hello Kitty, because it looks so pretty and cute. There are many gifts designed for this character: Hello Kitty mug, Hello Kitty T-shirt, Hello Kitty pullovers.

On Christmas, birthday or Halloween, these are very special and unique gifts.

The story of Hello kitty

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