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Earth’s Dragon Balls vs Namek’s Dragon Balls who is more powerful?

 Dragon Ball is a manga series written and illustrated by Toriyama Akira. The manga series began weekly on the Shōnen list from 1984 to 1995 with 519 chapters and was later published in 42 thick volumes by Shueisha.

 After 20 years of stopping composing, since 2015, Toriyama Akira has continued to compose Dragon Ball Super, with content continuing the original series. Dragon Ball is the most popular and popular anime in the world, one of the most consumed manga of all time.

 1: Earth’s Dragon Balls

 An individual cannot be wished to live again, no matter what the wishing word is. Shenlon cannot grant a wish beyond the power of his creator (why he cannot kill Vegeta and Nappa), Shenlon cannot grant a wish that changes someone stronger than him ( why can’t he make # 17 and # 18 human). After being upgraded by Dende, Shenlon has the ability to grant three wishes, but if one of the wishes uses a considerable amount of energy, the number is reduced to two. 

When it comes to reviving a large group of people, Shenlon can’t revive individuals if they’ve been dead for more than a year. There’s no limit to a wish that can be specially made to revive a person, but for many, the limit is one year. Shenlon cannot grant a wish if the wish’s target denies it. 

In the Cell section, Goku states that North Kaiou may have been revived with a desire to restore all those whom Cell killed, but instead he chose not to support accompanying Goku to Heaven.

 2: Namek’s Dragon Balls 

When paired with the Grand Elder, they can only revive one person at a time with one 

wish. When Moori upgraded them between the Freeza and Buu arcs, this restriction was removed. 

Polunga can only restore an individual’s strength to their existing limit. He cannot give an individual stronger than their current maximum allowed.

Polunga cannot grant a wish if the wish’s target denies it. At the end of the Freeza, while they were using the Namekian Dragon Ball on Earth, Goku refused his wish to be sent to Earth after his fight with Freeza, instead opting to return to Earth in his own time. .

 Through the strengths and weaknesses of the two characters, we see the power of amek’s Dragon Balls is stronger than Earth’s Dragon Balls, however, from a different perspective, each fan of a character feels that the character of I am stronger than the other characters.

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 Dragon Ball is the most popular and popular anime in the world, one of the most consumed manga of all time. 

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