Slipknot and First members’ albums.

 1: Slipknot bands.

Slipknot and First members' albums.

 Slipknot is a band with a rather complex mix of sounds, including Korn’s alternative metal, Marilyn Manson’s shock-rock, and especially Rap Metal, which has created its own “brand” for this American band. 

Slipknot has always been called a “bizarre” band because when appearing on the stage, its members always wear metallic outfits and spooky masks. Few people know the real face of the band members. But they succeeded. Slipknot was established in late 1995, with 9 members, including: Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson and Corey Taylor. The music they choose is the music that, according to experts, “less lyrics, more music” has met with skepticism right from its debut.

 2: Slipknot’s first album 

The band recorded their first album on Halloween 1996, “Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat” – a 50-minute album of 8 impressive songs with creations. The traditional heavy genre seemed to give way to guitar sounds close to deathmetal throughout the album. 

Slipknot is also one of those groups with an unconventional way of writing songs, going beyond the opener – chorus – conclusion structure, instead of a twisting and twisting thought, intentionally making the song chaotic. padded. Album “Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat” released immediately attention and the group received many suggestions from record labels. Originally with Nebraska-based-ismist and later with Roadrunner Records. Working with producer Ross Robinson, Slipknot has released her second album “Stuff that ?? s good to”. 

Slipknot and First members' albums.

The success of this album has helped the group to be known by the world audience and invited to many concerts, most famously the OzzFest Concert. In concerts, although it was only performed on a sub-stage, Slipknot made audiences shocked when watching the band perform. After nearly 20 years of singing career, Slipknot has only four music albums on the record market, but it is very well received by the audience. Slipknot is also highly regarded by professionals by awarding them the Award for Pioneering Band in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. 

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Slipknot and First members' albums.

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