Why people compare the power of goku with superman

 1: The special comparison.

 Base Goku vs Superman- Goku won’t start in any of his transformations and Superman won’t use anywhere close to his full power. The two will calibrate each other and wonder if there will be more fighting against. Statistically, Superman has the advantage of determining reality here. He probably won’t use enough solar energy to drain it. 

Super Saiyan Goku vs Superman- Goku realizes he can’t win in base form so he decides to take things to new heights. He believes that Kaio-Ken won’t be enough to get him straight into the first Super Saiyan form. This transformation amplifies Goku’s stats by 50 times and turns him into a much bigger threat than before. While being able to catch up with Superman much more efficiently, Supes seems to need less effort to overthrow Goku.

Why people compare the power of goku with superman

 Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Superman- Like before, Goku realizes that he has a superior ability and makes things hotter. This next transformation doubles Goku’s stats compared to the previous transformation. Here, Goku begins to show a bit of effort to surpass Superman. And with his superior muscular memory and fighting speed, Superman began to lose his guard. Even so, not too many attacks seemed to harm him. Superman begins to work harder against this. 

Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Superman- Here, Goku is amazed by how durable, fast and powerful Superman is. So, Goku transforms once again, annoying Superman. Goku’s stats are multiplied by these 4 times. Here, you see how Goku’s speed begins to surpass Superman in combat. And you also see Superman starting to take more complex measures against Goku’s crime. But Goku won’t be in this form for long as it will drain stamina and ki pretty quickly. So there’s only one thing Goku can do

Why people compare the power of goku with superman

Super Saiyan God Goku vs Superman- This is where I believe Goku starts to gain an edge over Man of Steel. His stats multiplied by many times that of Super Saiyan 3 and less effort from Goku’s punches would do even more damage to Supes. Here, Goku begins to overwhelm Superman in terms of outstanding strength, combat speed, energy efficiency, and destructive ability. 

Superman begins to defend and uses almost all of his effort and ability to try to fend off Goku’s attack. Superman on an ordinary day is just the Solar System’s threat to the Galaxy. Goku has shown feats that make him a multi-galactic threat at the minimum to Universal maximum. Goku can take his Kaio-Ken up to an exponential x20, completely overwhelming the Man of Steels stats. 

2: A special gift for Goku’s fans.

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Why people compare the power of goku with superman

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